Selling or Renting



This information is intended to highlight site hazards to visitors and property occupants who may have taken up early residency of a new Fairview property whilst construction works are still in progress.

It is emphasised that the safety of Fairview visitors and customers is taken very seriously. Whilst the company endeavours at all times to minimise risks on its development sites, it is considered necessary to draw your attention to the following temporary situations.

1. Access/Egress

Entrance and site roads may be used by site and delivery vehicles, beware of road conditions and slow moving vehicles.

2. Hard Hat Areas

The active construction areas are “hard hat” designated and all personnel viewing new developments will be accompanied and provided with safety helmets.

3. Paths & Walkways

The surfaces to be used as pedestrian ways will have been prepared. However, you should be aware of debris, uneven floors and slippery surfaces. Ladies may need to consider the appropriateness of footwear. Deviation from the recognised walkways must not be made.

4. Children

Children tend to use an active building site as an adventure playground, whereas in reality it is full of dangers. Whilst danger areas are protected with fencing and other means, children must not be allowed to roam freely on to the site.

5. Parking

Where possible, vehicles should be parked in the car parks provided and away from the roads used by site vehicles.

6. Warning Signs

All hazards are highlighted by various safety warning signs, e.g. temporary manhole openings etc.

7. First Aid

All Fairview sites have qualified first aiders working during normal construction working hours. In addition, all sales offices are equipped with a first aid kit suitable for an appointed person.


Whilst every care will be taken to ensure your home meets our high standards, following quality checks carried out by NHBC, along with our inspectors, your new home has been built from many components employing many different trades and therefore, defects may occur. To manage these defects, your home will be covered under the NHBC Warranty Scheme, which offers an ‘Initial Warranty Period’ for the first 2 years, following legal completion and a ‘Structural Warranty Period’, which runs for the 10 years from the effective date of the insurance cover.

We offer an emergency service for plumbing, heating and electrical, operating 365 days of the year for a period of 2 years from the day of your legal completion (see ‘Emergency Assistance’).We employ a dedicated Customer Care Administrator and Customer Care Manager for each of our developments, therefore providing all our customers with a one-to-one service.


The Insurance Scheme offered by the NHBC covers your new home. Inside your NHBC pack, which you should have received from your Solicitor upon exchange of contracts detailing the scheme, including the date on which it becomes effective.

The cover offered by the NHBC incorporates two stages:

The ‘Initial Warranty Period’ runs for the first 2 years from the date of legal completion.

We warranty everything supplied by us within your new home in the event of defects caused by either faulty workmanship or materials, for the first 2 years from the date of legal completion.

During the ‘Initial Warranty Period’ it is essential for you to maintain your property, this includes decoration, servicing of the boiler and heating system, garden maintenance etc. other exclusions to the cover include carpets and white goods (which fall within the manufacturers warranty), cosmetic defects, damage caused to roof tiles following the installation of satellite dishes or aerials, natural shrinkage, condensation, materials or appliances which were brought to the property or are subsequently added, storm or accidental damage. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to kitchen worktops, fitted bedroom or bathroom furniture, sanitary ware, appliances or glass that has not been noted on the key release form.


On expiry of the ‘Initial Warranty Period’ your property will revert to the ‘Structural Warranty Period’ offered for the remaining 8 years. The ‘Structural Warranty Period’ runs for the full 10 years from the effective date. This covers you against any major damage due to a defect in the structure or damage to the drainage system, if this is a result of us not complying with the technical requirements set down by the NHBC.

The NHBC has also produced a helpful 'Guide to your New Home' document, which can be donloaded from www.nhbc.co.uk, gives details of common problems experienced when moving into a new home. This document also provides helpful information regarding the on-going maintenance of your property. Your Solicitor will provide you with the insurance cover certificate.

Selling or Renting

Transfer of Ownership:

The NHBC’s ‘Initial Warranty Period’ is transferable to new owners should the property still be within the 2 year ‘Initial Warranty Period’.

The NHBC’s ‘Structural Warranty Period’ continues from years 3 to 10.

Renting your Property:

Should you wish to rent your property, please note that we will only take instructions regarding defects from the original owner of the property and not agencies or tenants. The ‘Initial Warranty Period’ does not cover any damage caused by tenants through negligence, damage or poor maintenance.