As a responsible developer sustainability permeates everything we do, from land acquisition through design and construction to sales and the provision of services for our purchasers.

The great majority of our sites are brownfield developments, remediating and regenerating land that has fallen into disuse. The focus of our activities is the creation of low to medium cost housing providing homes that are affordable to new purchasers.

Our design team ensures optimal use of the land for production of energy-efficient apartments and houses designed to reduce carbon emissions and unnecessary use of natural resources. Green travel measures are also incorporated together with reusable energy generation facilities.

All sites are assessed for their ecological value so that bio-diversity can be protected or enhanced through our redevelopment.

Reduction in waste and the re-use of materials where possible is actively managed during the course of construction. All new homes are provided with recycling storage bins both internally and externally as part of refuse strategies developed with local authorities.